Cultivating Hope, Rebuilding Lives

In the heart of Midland, a transformative vision is taking shape. A vision where chronic homelessness is replaced by a sense of home, belonging, and restoration. The Field’s Edge, founded by John-Mark and Briana Echols, seeks to heal, empower, and transform the lives of those who are experiencing homelessness.

The core of The Field’s Edge vision is to promote human dignity by cultivating home for the homeless and empowering a lifestyle of service for the glory of Christ. This vision reflects a commitment to restoring four key relationships in life: with God, self, others, and the rest of creation. Field’s Edge is creating a community that actively supports individuals in cultivating a sense of home.

Walking Alongside Transformation:

The organization’s mission is not just about providing housing; it’s about walking alongside individuals as they embark on a journey of restoring these fundamental relationships. The ultimate goal is for formerly homeless neighbors to experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ, recognizing the transformational and redemptive power of the Gospel.

Community and Relationship Building:

The Field’s Edge recognizes that community and relationships are fundamental solutions to homelessness. Their approach is centered on building these elements into every aspect of their work. More than just a shelter, the village they are creating is a place for healing, thriving, and growth. The first phase, consisting of 10 homes, marks just the beginning of a more extensive endeavor. The village sits on 23.5 acres in Midland, TX and will eventually hold a neighborhood of 90 homes for the chronically homeless and 10 homes for missional residents.

The vision of The Field’s Edge goes beyond traditional approaches to homelessness. The organization seeks to create a place where individuals can truly find home, heal from the past, and thrive in a supportive community. The village will be place where Midlanders can volunteer, share meals, and perhaps even become neighbors in the pursuit of a more compassionate and connected community.

If you are inspired by their mission, consider visiting The Field’s Edge website to learn how you can help. Whether you are looking to volunteer, provide a meal, or explore the transformative village, they welcome you to be part of their journey. Connect with The Field’s Edge and witness firsthand the impact of their work in cultivating home and transforming lives.